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Information about Bulgaria

In Hamburg since 1996 - in Bulgaria since 2016

Registration, founding a company, buying real estate, investments, history, insider tips, life.

"Bulgaria is the place to be." (Sylvester Stallone)



Are you looking for your dream property? Then let us help you. We accompany you from the first step in Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach, Burgas, Sofia and surrounding areas. Our experience from around 2,000 rental and purchase properties and our experience from around 25,000 viewings in Germany and Bulgaria are at your disposal. 290,000 Germans emigrated in 2018 alone. Several 10,000 Brits already live in Bulgaria and now more and more Germans are discovering this country with its low cost of living, beautiful nature, mountains and beaches, friendly people, low crime and mild climate... We and many of our customers now live permanently and happily in this beautiful country. Please feel free to contact us - we are only an email away.



Bulgaria has been a member of the EU since 2007. The acquisition of real estate is notarized in the same way as in Germany. We put you in touch with lawyers and qualified interpreters who will check the purchase contracts in advance and ensure that the necessary permits (e.g. Act.16) are available.

The additional costs for a purchase are around 5% of the purchase price. Depending on the costs of the notary and the fee rates of the respective municipalities. We charge 3% gross of the purchase price for our services.  

There are many real estate offers in Bulgaria - the trick is to find the right property without legal defects. We are happy to advise our customers on all questions...

So don't worry unnecessarily.

Bulgaria - a dream country in Southeast Europe?



Information from insiders and locals. About the history of Bulgaria, how to get there, how to register, how to start a company. Magical places, sights and life here. Have fun reading - Bulgaria looks forward to seeing you.


We were here for the first time in 2016. And have the country, the nice people, the food, the nature, mountains, forests & got to know and love Caribbean beaches. Classic House Immobilien was founded in Germany in 1996. Classic House Bulgaria followed in 2016. NAfter careful preparation, we emigrated completely from Germany in 2020. And don't regret it for a single day.

Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, we chose the south of Bulgaria. We are registered in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and are happy to pay the 10% tax in this wonderful country. Over the years we have been...

asked many questions. Here we try to answer the most common ones. This page will continue to be updated with new information. Discover Bulgaria with us.


You can find us on YouTube here:



  from 45,000 euros


  from 390 euros 

You can find our real estate offers here:


“Your dream property” isn’t there yet?

Then please write to us about your wishes. We have access to over 2,000 properties.

And always give ours Best to find your dream. Benefit from our experience

from 27 years in the industry, around 25,000 viewings and around 2,000 placements.

We open the gates to your real estate in Bulgaria.


Are you an investor or would you like to relocate your company headquarters?

Contact us. We have excellent networks with construction companies, authorities,

Politics, lawyers and much more. We invest and plan ourselves and know your criteria.



A little romantic story.

When God created the world...

Bulgarian friends told us a romantic story about how the country came into being.

When God created the world and distributed the lands, the Bulgarians asked:

"Dear God, have you forgotten us?"

God looked around and answered, “Right. I'm sorry... But I'll give you a piece of my own land in return."

We liked this story so much that we wanted to share it with you here. And after many years in this beautiful country, we can only confirm that there is a lot of truth to this legend. Discover with us a diverse country with great nature, friendly people and a wonderful climate.

FROM 40,000 to 2.4 MILLION
Real estate in Bulgaria...

Whether privately or as an investor.

“If you know what you want, you’re in good hands at Classic House. For me they are No. 1 on the Bulgarian coast."Thank you for this great comment from a customer and many more...Some of our customers are buying from us for the 3rd or 4th time. But we would also like to point out something. It is not possible to cleanly edit over 2,000 properties. We have access to this number. That's why we only ever present a selection on our homepage. Please write to us about your wishes. We will work with you to find your “property in Bulgaria.” We have very good contacts and work with large construction companies, investors and Bulgarian partners. Close friendships have developed over the years. Use our contacts. We are just an email away...

RENT - APARTMENTS BY THE SEA from €390 - €500 including utilities

Sunny Beach. Your life by the sea.

Cantilena Apartment Complex. We ONLY rent in this complex and there are only 7 apartments left. Over 20 apartments have already been permanently rented to Germans.  Here you will find a good community of helpful neighbors. The owners are best friends of ours and only here can we guarantee that all contracts are honored and that the rents are not surprisingly increased before the season. The contracts are valid for one year (minimum rental period) and are then automatically extended. At Cantilena you can plan and spend your retirement in peace. Additional Information? We are just an email away.

BY THE WAY: Before a notary appointment, our lawyer will check all legal aspects. We bear the costs. In the last nine months we have canceled five notary appointments.

Because not everything was legally flawless. Customer protection and a good reputation are more important to us than brokerage fees.

And we have always found an alternative for our customers!Tip: Not every apartment complex in Bulgaria

is open all year round. We mediate only Objects in which you can live all year round.

Now let's move on to your information. Also click on the images.

Interesting facts about Bulgaria.


 Up  every square meter.

Bulgaria has an impressive historical heritage that dates back to ancient times and has shaped the country's history in many ways.

There is a lot to discover. From the Roman theater to ancient bathing establishments to fortresses, castles and palaces. Here you will find some views of these historic buildings. Just click on the photos

and take a stroll.

Car - plane - borders.
Many roads lead to Bulgaria.

Hamburg-Sunny Beach 2,300km

Flight time DE-BG approx. 2.5 hours

Bulgaria is a member of the EU. This means that you can enter the country easily. If you come by car and have a dog with you, for example, you should avoid Serbia. For Serbia, your animal needs an extra document from the veterinary office, which must not be older than 7 days. In this case, it is better to drive via Romania. This also applies if, for example, you move in a car or van.There are no customs checks when you drive through Romania. Click on the photos for more information.

As safe as in Germany - but never without a lawyer.

Real estate consulting - since 1996 in Germany - since 2016 in Bulgaria

A wonderful country estate for the whole family, a villa, a house to renovate or an apartment by the sea. There are thousands of properties in Bulgaria. The purchase prices are among the cheapest in all of Europe. Still...! Because more and more people from all over the world are discovering this wonderful country for themselves. Our customers no longer only come from Germany. Bulgarians take home ownership for granted. And we now have inquiries from Canada, England, the USA, the Czech Republic, Poland, Scandinavia and Israel.The additional costs for a purchase are around 5% of the purchase price. Lots more information in the photo section - above.

"The true purpose of life is to be happy."
(Dalai Lama) - We found this in Bulgaria.

Your registration in Bulgaria.

Registration - how does it work?

As always in Bulgaria - don't worry. Bulgaria is in  Freedom of establishment applies in the EU and within the EU. So if you finally emigrate from Germany and deregister there, then you should register in Bulgaria. A little hint:

Apply for a new passport in Germany. It is then valid for 10 years. In the first step, the Lichna Karta is valid for 5 years. It will then be extended for another 5 years. And after 10 years in Bulgaria it is valid permanently. You can find the 6 points that you have to fulfill in a description above in the pictures. Just click.Further information?

Doctors, hospitals etc.

Bulgaria - better than you think?

We are not yet of retirement age and have no health problems. But we have a lot of international customers. From their experiences we can report that they never had any major problems with medical care. Real estate in a village in the middle of nowhere is cheaper - but as always in life, everything happens for a reason. One of the reasons is that you have to travel longer to get to the doctor or clinic. We know very well-trained doctors and if we ever needed treatment for dental problems, it was always great and super cheap. You can find more information in the photos above - just click on them.Here are two more links to clinics:


The Bulgarian GmbH.

You can start within 10 days.

A Bulgarian GmbH is called an EOOD with one owner or OOD with shareholders. We have already referred dozens of start-ups to our tax advisors in Burgas. It's quick - usually within 10 working days and with a Bulgarian GmbH you can operate in the EU and worldwide. Pleasant side effect - 10% tax. However, from an annual turnover of 50,000 leva, you will be subject to sales tax. called VAT. The VAT here is 20%. For more information, please click on the Company & field below. Click to register.

From the gym to the outdoors.

Bulgaria offers so much. On the water, on land, in the mountains.

The climate and nature invite you to take part in various sporting activities.

From mountain bike routes, river rafting, martial arts, club sports, fitness studios, sauna, wellness and spa landscapes.

Everything is available in Bulgaria and people like to use it. Classic House Immobilien is also a sponsor of a local football team. And anyone who wants to play in a club is welcome. The Bulgarians are friendly and open-minded and welcome new members. If you have any questions, please write to us.

Farmer's market to shopping mall.

Question from a German: “Can you even shop in Bulgaria?”

Apparently many people in Germany have not yet understood that Bulgaria has developed further economically every year and now offers the same or sometimes better standard of living than Germany. Of course you can shop in Bulgaria. In addition to the great farmers' markets with healthy home-grown fruit and vegetables, all the large supermarkets, hardware stores and Bulgarian companies with great furniture, for example, have been here for a long time. LIDL, ALDI, Penny, Praktiker etc. Everything is available.


More quality of life in Bulgaria?

Costs of living in Bulgaria?

Of course, global price increases and inflation do not stop at Bulgaria. But the common prejudice that Bulgarians are poor and therefore everything is super cheap is no longer true. Almost 90% of Bulgarians own their own real estate. And the average wages are now around €1,200 per month. Nevertheless, life in Bulgaria is only around half as expensive as in Germany. If you have €1,000 available in Bulgaria, then you have the same purchasing power as in Germany with €2,000.


Be careful - new laws are constantly being introduced.

The dream of living by the sea, in the country or in the mountains.

In Bulgaria, too, issues such as environmental protection and coastal protection are becoming increasingly important. Building laws are changing quickly and continue to adapt to EU standards. Nevertheless, dubious brokers still try to sell properties with old building permits. Be careful when doing this. If nothing has been built 3 years after a building application was submitted, the old permit is no longer valid. It must be reapplied for - this can take months or even over a year. Without a fixed road and connection to electricity, Zu. and waste water, you will no longer receive a new permit. Drilling and using wells is now also prohibited outside of more built-up areas. And if a well is approved in town, then there may not be another one within 300m. Get comprehensive advice before purchasing. We are available for this and our lawyer can also advise you. We are just an email away.


Workshop & Co.

Good small workshops, boat moorings and much more.

BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche etc. car dealerships are here. But you don't always find a good workshop straight away, you don't always find good boat moorings straight away. Nevertheless, all of this exists in Bulgaria. You can always find what you're looking for through friendships with locals. We didn't need to ask long questions when we needed a small repair to our car. Friends took us directly to Bosch Service in Nessebar. The boss has worked in Germany for a long time, speaks German fluently, is very experienced and correct. Many of our customers have now visited him. And are totally satisfied with the prices and performance. This also applies to boaters. There are super cheap berths in Bulgaria - e.g. Port of Nessebar - and companies that take care of care and maintenance. Used boats are not cheap in Bulgaria because the market is small. But used cars and many classic cars can be found very cheaply here. However, always take a professional with you when purchasing.


Climate, sea, mountains. As you Like It.

450km from West to East

350km from North to South

Bulgaria is divided into north and south by the Balkan Mountains. There is also the west with the Rila Mountains and the Rhodope Mountains. In winter you can find wonderful ski and winter areas around Bansko or Pamporovo. The climate is a little cooler here. North of the Balkan Mountains there is a Central European climate. You can also find cheaper properties here. But as always in life, everything has a reason. The climate around Nessebar and Burgas up to the borders with Turkey and Greece is Mediterranean. The preferred areas for buying real estate, apart from Sofia & Plovdiv, are in the Burgas area. Bulgarians also like to shop here. 10,008 sales took place in the Burgas-Sveti Vlas area from March 22 to March 23. This is the official notice from the Burgas Chamber of Notaries. As I said - everything has a reason. We enjoy living here and swimming in the sea even at the end of October. Further information? Please feel free to send us an email.



The Sands 159 -  8230 Sunny Beach

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Tipp: Nicht alle Apartments in Bulgarien haben eine endgültige Genehmigung (Act. 16). Nicht jedes Grundstück kann bebaut werden.

Wir vermittel ausschließlich Objekte, die unser Anwalt geprüft hat.

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